Thursday, November 08, 2012

Quote of the Day: Business Advise: Get Lawyers and Lobbyists

If you run a business, get a lot of lawyers and lobbysists. He who writes the regulations will make a lot of money. He who does not will lose.  Make sure you make the right political contributions and don't say anything critical of those in power. You will need a discretionary waiver of something, and these rules are so huge and so vague, the regulators can do what they want with you. Don't be the one to get "crucified" (EPA). We live in the crony-capitalist system that Luigi Zingales describes so well. Live with it. Political freedom requires economic freedom, taught us Milton Friedman. You don't have the latter, don't expect the former.
This snarky but relevant and realistic advice is from University of Chicago Professor John H. Cochrane who writes that there won’t be much legislation due to a divided Congress, but that big or major changes will emanate from a labyrinth of executive orders and from the “metastatic expansion of regulation, let by ACA, Dodd-Frank, and EPA” which he explains in detail here

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