Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quote of the Day: Selfishness, via Profits, Guides People to Serve the Need of Others More Effectively

making money honestly means creating something other people value, not necessarily what you value. The more money I want, the more I have to think about what other people want, and find better, faster, cheaper ways of delivering it to them. The reason someone is poor – and, yes, I know all the excuses for poverty – is that the poor do not produce more than they consume. Or if they do, they don’t save the surplus…

Selfishness, in the form of the profit motive, guides people to serve the needs of others far more reliably, effectively, and efficiently than any amount of haranguing from priests, poets, or politicians. Those people tend to be profoundly anti-human, actually.
This is from investing guru and philosopher Doug Casey at the Casey Research on the morality of money.

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