Friday, January 16, 2009

Has Global Warming Phased Into The Return of The ICE Age?

We have been told that by mainstream that global warming is the new reality.

In fact, policymarkers worldwide have been instituting global warming as part of the economic equation (carbon taxes, cap and trade, etc…)

Yet, evidence seems to be turning otherwise as the weather seems to be abnormally cold today. (Even in the Philippines)

This from USA Today’s article “Arctic cold grips much of nation”…

``The cold wave that stunned the nation's midsection expanded into the Northeast on Wednesday with subzero temperatures and biting wind that kept even some winter sports fans at home. The wind chill hit 33 below zero during the night at Massena, N.Y., and the National Weather Service predicted actual temperatures nearly that low in parts of the region by Thursday night.”

And there have been claims that we could be transitioning into a new ice age…

See video…

(Hat Tip: Mark Perry)

Will the faddish "liberal" trends be eventually unmasked? Will the “new religion” eventually lose its tarnish?

Stay tuned

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