Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quote of the Day: The Idea of a Strong Man Rule

The IDEA of a STRONG MAN, a czar and a dictator, appeals to many people, and this directly supports the STATE. Those people who become disenchanted with democracy or with Congress or with partisan politics and debates, and of course the potential czars and dictators, like this idea. Add this notion to the other supports, such as the "public good", "nationalism", and the communistic ideas that are in the Communist Manifesto and have already been enacted into law. The strong man concept might be invoked as an independent means of efficient government, or else as a support to the nation, or society, or the people, or the public good, i.e., as a complementary means to these. However the strong man idea is evoked, it too invades susceptible minds. This leads directly into the virus of STATISM and the STATE.
This is from Professor Michael Rozeff at the

Populist state worship or what Mises would call Statolatry frequently leads to dictatorship, which eventually backfires.

The Philippines has been no stranger to this.

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