Saturday, February 02, 2013

Beware the Escalating Middle East Crisis

Israel’s recent airstrike on Syria could signal the escalation of geopolitical troubles in the Middle East

Historian Eric Margolis at the writes,
The Mideast is stumbling into one of its most dangerous crisis in decades. I’m just back from the region – and as an old Mideast hand, I am very worried.

This region is always tense, but right now a series of separate conflicts are rapidly beginning to intersect. We see the Mideast, North Africa and the Sahara buffeted by revolutions and counter-revolutions. Old colonial powers France and Britain, and the US, are trying to reassert their domination in the region. The jihadist are back.

In a brazen act of war, Israel launched airstrikes on Syria last Wednesday in a clear attempt to worsen the crisis in that war-torn nation and challenge Syria’s ally, Iran. Israel’s forces are on high alert and may invade Syria, whose strategic Golan Heights were seized and annexed by Israel. Will more Syrian land follow?
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The worrying part is the possibility of domino effect from Israel's provocation that could morph into a world war. Mr. Margolis concludes
Russia is growling in the background. Syria, recall, is as close to Russia’s southern border as northern Mexico is to Texas. Washington is underestimating Russia’ growing anger. Israel is still determined to push the US into war against Iran. The Turks can’t decide whether to be neutrals or reborn Ottomans. Caution: danger ahead.

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