Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Quote of the Day: State democracy is a limited monopolistic democracy

Today's democracy is a qualified democracy. Let us call it "state democracy". It is a democracy entirely linked to and emanating from the concept of a single state as the sole sovereign political unit. All the rights just mentioned have to do with the "citizen" of a state and a political system equated with that state and its machinery. A citizen is not a person with free choice of a social-political-legal system. A citizen is a designation of a state-limited and state-defined set of rights that each person finds he has, whether he likes it or not…

State democracy is based on the principle of state sovereignty. The state’s power prevails. The citizens as a group and linked by particular political arrangements are associated with this sovereignty. Whatever the basis of this sovereignty is, nothing can stand in its way when a law or rule is formulated, passed and enforced. There is no check and balance from outside the system. One can only exercise the limited rights of protest, voting, moving and running for office that the state allows. State democracy is a limited democracy. It is a monopolistic democracy.

The incentive for individuals living in state democracy is to gain control over the machinery of government and to use it to one’s personal advantage by forming coalitions that pass laws that one wants
This is from retired finance pofessor Michael Rozeff at the lewrockwell.com

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theyenguy said...

Liberalism’s Banker regime (which was based upon democratic nation states) had a policy of investment choice. The dynamo was one monetary interventionism, consisting of POMO, Quantitative Easing, Central Bank Interest Rate Reductions, Kuroda Abenomics, and Global ZIRP, which powered up corporate profit and global growth ... and came with credit schemes, such as free trade agreements, financial deregulation, leveraged buyouts, nation investment, currency carry trade investing, securitization of debt, financialization of stocks and ETFs, and dollarization ... where Milton Friedman’s Free To Choose concept of floating currencies and abandonment of the gold standard, established the rule underlying all investing, providing for the fiat money system.

The jump on the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note, ^TNX, to 2.01% on May 24, 2013, constituted an “extinction event”, that is a cataclysm, which literally destroyed the investment choice offered by bankers as the way of life, and terminated the paradigm of Liberalism. Jesus Christ is operating at the helm of the Economy of God, Ephesians 1:10, and has pivoting the world into the paradigm of Authoritarianism, where the diktat of nannycrats is the now the way of life. Fiat money died, and diktat money has been coming to life.

Please consider the corollaries from the Dispensation Economics Manifest ... http://theyenguy.wordpress.com/about/ ... that flow from the biblical revelation that Jesus Christ, is operating as steward in dispensation, that is the household management plan of God to both complete and fulfill all things in every age, epoch, era and time period.

Authoritarianism’s Beast regime (is based upon statist regional governance) has a policy of diktat. The dynamo is one totalitarian collectivism consisting of public private partnerships for oversight of the factors of production, banking, commerce and trade, which powers up regional security, stability and sustainability ... and comes with debt servitude schemes, such as regional framework agreements, bank deposits bailins, new taxes, privatizations, capital controls, and austerity measures ... where Nannycrats establish the rule underlying all diktat, providing for the diktat money system.