Thursday, February 06, 2014

Quote of the Day: I believe bear markets are made by God

I’ve been thinking about bull and bear markets.  Bull markets are man-made, they are a product of man’s desire for more and more, a product of man’s insatiable greed.  During a bull market investors disregard their need for God.  After all, they are loaded with money, money made on their own, without the help of God.  During bull markets, God is put aside and forgotten.

I believe bear markets are made by God.  Bear markets remind men that their greed and crime must be atoned for.  In bear markets investors become frightened and once again they seek the help and comfort of God.  In bear markets the crime and greed of the previous bull market comes to light.  Bear markets are God’s way of cleansing humanity.  In bear markets the dirty water streams out from under the closet.  In bear markets men turn to God again for peace and help and comfort.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t worried about the way things are going.  Frankly, I’m truly scared for myself, my family and the nation.  I have the sinking feeling that the stock market is on the edge of a crash.  If that happens, investor sentiment will turn quickly bearish.  And the bear market will start feeding on itself.  Ironically, the recent action occurred in the face of almost insane bullishness on the part of the crowd and on the part of investors.
This is thought from the heart quote is from the founder of Dow Theory Letters Richard Russell as excerpted by the King World News (hat tip

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