Friday, February 11, 2011

We Are All Africans: Exposing the Falsity of Nationalism

This 2007 article says that all human origin is from Africa.

From Reuters, (bold emphasis mine)

An analysis of thousands of skulls shows modern humans originated from a single point in Africa and finally lays to rest the idea of multiple origins, British scientists said on Wednesday.

Most researchers agree that mankind spread out of Africa starting about 50,000 years ago, quickly establishing Stone Age cultures throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.

But a minority have argued, using skull data, that divergent populations evolved independently in different areas.

The genetic evidence has always strongly supported the single origin theory, and now results from a study of more than 6,000 skulls held around the world in academic collections supports this case.

I am asking forgiveness in advance to those Christians who might think that this may seem as heresy: But I just can’t help deduce, based on these findings, that our version of genesis or Adam and Eve could have their roots as Africans.

But this is beside the point.

Regardless if we all came from Africa or not, the scientific finding only reveals what has been obvious—that we are all human beings.

This means that the conceptualization of “anti-foreign bias” or “nationalism” practiced and preached by many have all been premised on falsehoods, whether applied to trade, migration, investment, culture or etc…

Instead, nationalism or a form of groupthink (me against them mentality) has actually accounted for as mainly a political scarecrow meant to manipulate the ignorant and to advance the vested interests of certain political classes mostly by imposing controls which ultimately inhibits people’s freedom to act and produce.

As Ludwig von Mises wrote,

Interventionism generates economic nationalism, and economic nationalism generates bellicosity. If men and commodities are prevented from crossing the borderlines, why should not the armies try to pave the way for them?

Nationalism has been a pivotal force that has led to many devastating wars like the World war I with estimated deaths at 15-65 million and World War II (40-70 million)

And given that we are all one, there simply is no justification (science, philosophical, economic or political) to raise barriers to advance social civility based on voluntary cooperation from free trade.

Ludwig von Mises and Bettina Bien Greaves explains,

The market is that state of affairs under which I am giving something to you in order to receive something from you. I don't know how many of you have some inkling, or idea, of the Latin language, but in a Latin pronouncement 2,000 years ago already, there was the best description of the market — do ut des — I give in order that you should give. I contribute something in order that you should contribute something else. Out of this there developed human society, the market, peaceful cooperation of individuals. Social cooperation means the division of labor.

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