Saturday, November 12, 2011

Video: Steve Hanke on the Eurozone Crisis

Here is Cato's Steve Hanke's take on the Eurozone crisis (interviewed by Reuters)

Some pointers from the interview:

-Glaring 'lack of sense of history' by "Euro-crats" in dealing with the crisis leaves them unable to accurately diagnose the problems which subsequently means applying wrong prescriptions (2:18)
-the ECB may be forced to provide unlimited support for EU's bond markets
-two fundamental scenarios: One, the EU will evolve into a fiscal transfer union which will be very messy and take lots of time (3:50) 'My guess is that the cartel may fall' because of political problems. (4:20) Second, the Eurozone may split (4:40). Prof. Hanke says that the mainstream's popular panacea for an exit option, just to be able to resort to devaluation, would be 'a chaotic situation' as all companies and the households in Greece would effectively go bankrupt (4:56).

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