Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ron Paul’s Suggested Book Read List

Retired US Congressman Mr. Ron Paul recommends some 50 books that expounds on the ideas of Freedom. You may want to consider them (some of them are available online via pdf) 

In Ron Paul's latest best-seller, Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom, he offers us his thoughts on a series of controversial topics, from Abortion to Zionism. His purpose is to inspire serious, critical, and independent thinking. Here are the books he cites for further study. Read 1, 2, or more:

Anderson, Terry. Free Market Environmentalism

Burleigh, Anne Husted. Education in a Free Society

De Jouvenal, Bertrand. The Ethics of Redistribution

Denson, John. A Century of War

Fisher, Louis. Presidential War Power

Flynn, John T. As We Go Marching

Grant, James. Money of the Mind

Hoppe, Hans-Hermann. Democracy: The God That Failed

King, Martin Luther, Jr. The Autobiography of Martin Luther King

Lott, John. More Guns, Less Crime

Mencken, H. L. Notes on Democracy

Morley, Felix. Freedom and Federalism

Paterson, Isabel. The God of the Machine

Rockwell, Llewellyn H., Jr. The Left, the Right, and the State

Saenz-Baillos, Angel. A History of the Hebrew Language

Slezkine, Yuri. The Jewish Century

Spooner, Lysander. Let's Abolish Government

Sowell, Thomas. Race and Culture

Thoreau, Henry David, Civil Disobedience

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