Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cyprus President Warned Friends of Crisis

Events in Cyprus have been demonstrative of the wide distinction between how the pubic perceives governments are supposed to operate (the romantic view where government looks after the interest of the general welfare) with how governments truly operate (self interests).

In reality governments operates around the cabal of insiders, again take it from the events in Cyprus.

From the Daily Mail, (hat tip
Cypriot president Nikos Anastasiades 'warned' close friends of the financial crisis about to engulf his country so they could move their money abroad, it was claimed on Friday.

The respected Cypriot newspaper Filelftheros made the allegation which was picked up eagerly by German media.

Germans are angry at the way their country has been linked to the Nazis and Hitler by Cypriots angry at the defunct rescue deal which called for a levy on all savings.

The Cyprus newspaper did not say how much money was moved abroad but quoted sources saying the president 'knew about the possible closure of the banks' and tipped off close friends who were able to move vast sums abroad. 

Italian media said the 4.5 billion euros left the island in the week before the crisis.
As an update on the swiftly unfolding events in Cyprus, Russia has rejected a deal with Cyprus.  Also the Cyprus parliament approved of instituting capital controls aside from other measures passed.

From Reuters:
As hundreds of demonstrators faced off with riot police outside parliament late into Friday night, lawmakers inside voted to nationalize pension funds, pool state assets for a bond issue and peel good assets from bad in stricken banks.
We live in very interesting times.

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