Thursday, March 14, 2013

Social Media in the Shadow of the War on Drugs

In the light of Mexico’s war on drugs, social media has reportedly replaced traditional media as the main source of information

From Juan Carlos Hidalgo of the Cato Institute,
Unfortunately, one of the biggest casualties from the bloodshed that besets Mexico is freedom of the press. Drug cartels have targeted traditional media outlets such as TV stations and newspapers for their coverage of the violence. Mexico is now the most dangerous country to be a journalist. However, a blackout of information about the extent of violence has been avoided because of activity on Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channels…

Andrés Monroy-Hernández from Microsoft Research presented the findings of his paper “The New War Correspondents: The Rise of Civic Media Curation in Urban Warfare” which shows how Twitter has replaced traditional media in several Mexican cities as the primary source of information about drug violence.
Hmmm. Things have been changing at the margins.

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