Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympic Medal Count Based on Select Economic Measures

Interesting site from Youcalc.

It shows of the Olympic medal standings seen from the perspective of economics based on either:

1. per Trillion $ GDP
2. Per million inhabitants
3. Per country

Click on the link for updates


Anonymous said...

nice interactive chart. why don't you embed it so that it's live on your blog. just click "get&share" and follow the guidelines, then it will embed inside you blog

good luck


benson_te said...

Hi Roger,

thanks for your suggestion. my basic concern is one of security using the get&share, hence opted to simply redirect it to their website.



Anonymous said...

you are probably right to be cautious! the link to youcalc is however wrong, it should be (not clearspring seems to be some distributor they are using.

thanks anyway for some interesting thoughts.