Friday, May 06, 2011

Video: Jon Stewart Mocks President Obama's Refusal To Show Osama Bin Laden's Pictures

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart lampoons the Obama administration for not showing Obama's picture (hat tip Lew Rockwell blog)

Nice quote from Mr. Stewart about 4:17 of the video

We make decisions about war if we see what war actually is, and not as a video game where bodies quickly disappear leaving behind a shiny gold coin.

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Anonymous said...

So imagine you get a chance to get Bin Laden. You know where he is. You've been scoping out his hideout for months. You've been eavesdropping on his conversation. Hell you even hacked his PS3 for fun and took out the whole network because you know he's been using it to communicate with Al Qaeda. Why just kill him immediately? And what's all this with a burial at sea? Just put a few stupid words in the mouth of Obama and everybody believes it - stupid people because they're gullible and smart people because they think they're smarter.

C'mon. You don't get your mitts on Bin Laden just to kill him, and you don't have 40 SEALs who are too slow to tackle the dude. There's is no picture because he's not dead yet. They're twisting him on a spit and slow roasting him until he's so tender the secrets just drip of the bones. They've got him simmering in pentathol.

By the way, does anybody think the exfil was done all in one swoop? There are still dudes back in the area slurping up traffic.

When I first heard the story break, I could have sworn it was a week delayed. But there was live tweeting going on by locals who heard the helo crash but didn't know what it was. They thought it was a drone attack. Anyway I was sure that there were networks to roll up in advance of the announcement. But it looks Obama had to speak fairly quickly about the 'kill' before the real-time world caught up with him. Still, our men in camo and blackface know how to get out of Dodge under the cover of darkness leaving no trail, so nobody knows exactly how they humped OBL out of the middle of Pakistan to 'the sea'. That's a dark trail - so dark that in fact OBL could be anywhere.

He's certainly not free or missing, that's for sure. He's never going to see the light of day. But is he dead at this very moment? You will never know.