Monday, June 18, 2012

Top 10 Alcoholic US Presidents: President Obama Tops the List

From the Top Ten List (hat tip

Many US Presidents have a colourful past. Many of the Presidents on the list are/were alcoholics and took pride in their drinking habits. This article identifies them and who they are/were.

1. Barack Obama:

A 2010 news report surfaced surrounding Barack Obama’s drinking problem. The Daily Mail reported that the doctor recommended the President stop drinking excessively and stop smoking. This recommendation came after Obama’s cholesterol levels were up to borderline high.

2. George W. Bush:

Bush was no saint in the 1960s and 70s. Bush even admitted to substance abuse under the age of 40. He described this period as nomadic and irresponsible youth. This all occurred before he made a religious conversion and was enlightened by Billy Graham.

The rest in the top 10 alcoholic list:

3. Richard Nixon

4. Martin van Buren

5. Ulysses Grant

6. Franklin Pierce

7. James Buchanan

8. Franklin D. Roosevelt

9. William Taft

10. John Adams

Read them here.

That’s the top 10, which could mean that many others were likely drinkers too.

Ex- President Warren Harding during the Prohibition era drank bootleg whiskey which he also gave out to his guests. Talk about the highest executive of the land defying stupid arbitrary regulations.

Better drink than intervene. To President Obama, Bush and the rest of the political alcoholics, Cheers!

Cheers With Beers

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