Thursday, November 15, 2012

President Obama Hearts Indonesia: US to Boost Investments and Trade

The US has reportedly pledged to bolster investment and trade with Indonesia.

Francisco Sanchez, the undersecretary of commerce for international trade at the US Department of Commerce, has visited Indonesia three times in the past 18 months. Each time he comes, he is impressed by Indonesia’s robust economy and the opportunities available.

On his current trip, he brought a high-powered business delegation to show them first hand what Indonesia offers. He told the Jakarta Globe he is hopeful that these companies will enter into business deals.

American companies have a long history of investing in Indonesia, but in recent years they have been overtaken by other players, notably the South Koreans, Chinese and Singaporeans. According to Sanchez, US companies cannot wait any longer or they might miss the boat.
President Obama’s seems to be reaching out to the nation where he became a resident of during his pre-teen days.

And so how does the US intend to expand trade with Indonesia?

First through investments in infrastructure projects coordinated by a supposedly “independent” government development agency, (from the same article)
According to Sanchez, US companies have a lot to offer in sectors such as engineering, construction management, waste-water treatment and smart grid technology.

To express its intent to participate in infrastructure development in Indonesia, the US-based Overseas Private Investment Corporation on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund to support the development of infrastructure projects…
And next is through Obama’s pet project; renewable energy… (bold mine)
One development that could help boost trade is for the Environmental Protection Agency in the US to classify Indonesian crude palm oil as renewable fuel. The EPA visited palm oil estates in Indonesia two weeks ago and is now reviewing its decision.

To qualify for as renewable fuel, CPO must reduce greenhouse emissions by 20 percent. Discussions are currently underway between the EPA and the palm oil industry.
Instead of free trade, the Obama regime will mainly promote investment and trade through political patronage, where economic or financial contracts (concessions) will likely be awarded to favored networks, friends and allies of the Obama regime in the US and in Indonesia. 

Obama’s global trade policy seems geared towards exporting cronyism.

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