Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Implied Government Guarantees on BRIC Banking system

Even in the BRICS, there has been an implied guarantee by their respective governments on their banking system, as indicated on their credit ratings.

From Reuters:
The ability of Brazil, Russia, India and China to support their leading banks is tightly correlated to the credit rating on the banks, according to ratings agency Moody’s. The agency compares the ratings of four of the biggest BRIC banks which it says are likely to enjoy sovereign support if they run into trouble…

In a self-perpetuating cycle, ratings will be higher because governments are prepared to provide high levels of support to the banks, reflecting the lenders’ systemic importance and in some cases government ownership.
Bailouts on the politically privileged banking system have become a global standard. And this encourages the moral hazard behavior where banks take unnecessary risks because they know they will be supported once "they run into trouble". This adds to the yield chasing phenomenon that increases systemic fragility.

Moreover this implies that the public's savings, even in emerging markets, will continue to be under duress from indirect and direct confiscations in favor of the banking system.

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