Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011: The Time of My Life

Pardon me for this self-vanity post

Blogging has never been a tool which I initially expected to be.

In 2004, I acquired the idea to use the web from young people who used blogs as a journal or as channel for sundry expressions. My experiment with the blogosphere, then, was originally intended as a backup for the weekly newsletters I wrote as a sell side analyst, and additionally, as a search tool for my published archives.

However, I discovered that my blog had incrementally been generating readership from here and many parts of the world. This eventually made me change my priorities and prompted me to share more of what I have been learning, the application of my self-education through my work experiences, and importantly, the philosophical insights that I have been acquiring from my knowledge acquisition process.

Yet, important changes happen on the margins.

In 2011, I discovered that my blog had been used as reference by some international publications. I found my blog as part of the “blogroll” of a multilateral institution. I also got unsolicited endorsements from people I hardly know. And some of my articles became part of or have been cross posted in a local stock market forum. Also my blog’s readership base more than tripled.

On the investment side, the best reward came when my holdings of 8 years gave me “x baggers” in return. This not only proves or validates my long held and advocated view that the virtues of patience and prudence reap the best retuns, and that magnitude matters more than frequency. Oh, these allowed me to tide over the health challenges of my wife and have a great family vacation with mom and step dad.

My sincerest appreciation for your patronage and support for making 2011 “The Time of My life.”


db said...

Hi Benson,

Thank you for sharing your diligent research and writings. I'm glad to have found your blog.

Nonoy Oplas said...

congrats pare, cheers.

benson_te said...

Thanks Nonoy and db.